We, Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, commit ourselves by profession of vows to:

Manifest God’s universal compassion through inclusive non-dominating relationships of love.

Trust in God’s Providence and live in a manner that affirms the right of all to a just share of the earth’s resources.

Discern together the voice of the Spirit that has called us to be one in our diversity.

In the spirit of Francis, Clare, and Elizabeth Hayes, we promote ever-widening circles of communion as we:

Open ourselves to a life of continued conversion in response to the call of the Gospel.

Identify with the victim, the poor and the marginalized in seeking a peace built on justice.

Reverence creation, acknowledging the right of all God’s creatures to enjoy its blessings.

Address the need within ourselves for repentance, forgiveness and healing while promoting a message of reconciliation.


Minister’s Letter


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the website of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

Our community was founded in 1873 by Elizabeth Hayes, an Anglican convert. Elizabeth was a visionary who followed in the footsteps of Francis and Clare of Assisi, to live a radical Gospel way of life. Elizabeth started a fire that has burned in the hearts of all those who have been inspired to follow her for over a century and a half.

The spark was lit in Belle Prairie, Minnesota, and spread to the midwestern, southern and eastern regions of the United States. The fire continued to grow in Canada, South America, England, Ireland, Italy, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Africa.

Our mission today is to identify with the victim, the poor and the marginalized, especially women and children, in seeking a peace built on justice. We do this while reverencing creation, acknowledging the right of all God’s creatures to enjoy its blessings.

We invite you to walk a while with us through this website and experience in your own way the fire that burns within us.

May You be Blessed,
Sister Donna Driscoll, MFIC
United States Minister

January 2014 Reflection

Each year thousands of pilgrims who visit Assisi spend time at the Basilica of Saint Clare praying before the San Damiano Cross. This six-foot icon has a story to tell and a message to be heard. It inspired both Saint Francis and Saint Clare in their commitment to live the Holy Gospel. Our Governance Circle has chosen the San Damiano Cross as the logo for our Gathering in April. During the months leading up to the Gathering we are invited to reflect on the image of Jesus. What is the story we need to hear? What is the message to be heard?

In Mark’s Gospel we hear that Jesus looked into the eyes of the rich young man and loved him. Saint Francis told the Minister, “When a brother (or sister) has wronged you in any way they should be able to tell by the look in your eyes that they are loved and forgiven.”

What do we see as we look into the eyes of Jesus? What does Jesus see as He looks into our eyes?

“Behold, I make all things new” is the theme we have chosen for our Gathering. As we spend time reflecting on the San Damiano Cross, may we be filled with hope and anticipation and openness to God’s promise that all things are being made new in us.